How To Juice Wheatgrass The Old Fashion Way

The subject of how to juice wheatgrass to the maximum effect is gaining in popularity since more and more people are interested in benefits this plant has to offer. There are many products out there made for this purpose but the ones that do the job are few and far in between. The method presented in this article is not based on a high end product but a rather old and cheap one.

You see, wheatgrass has been in use for a long time for a reason. Wheatgrass holds a variety of different nutritive substances that can have a profound effect on your health. There are various vitamins, A, C, E, and B12 to name a few, enzymes which are an integral part of every chemical reaction in our bodies, an abundance of minerals and the most interesting substance-chlorophyll.

The whole point of learning how to juice wheatgrass properly is to preserve this fabulous wheatgrass constituent. Chlorophyll has a number of health improving traits from strengthening the immune system to blood building, but one of the most valued is its ability to act as a detoxifier.

Today, as we are exposed to various toxins from the air we breathe to the food we consume, people are starting to realize the importance of detoxification, since our bodies without help can only go so far, and then health problems occur.

Now, you might wonder where the link between detoxification and learning how to juice wheatgrass is. Well, the link is chlorophyll.

Wheatgrass as a substance is highly unstable and easily oxidizes and then loses all its beneficial properties. The oxidization happens due to the high speed movement of the blades of a blender or a grinder. That’s why I suggest that you use mortar and pestle. They are inexpensive and although they require a little physical action, they get the job done and done well. Wheatgrass gained this way is preserved and ready to do wonders for your health.

Now, let’s prepare the wheatgrass for juicing. First, you have to harvest the wheatgrass by cutting it a couple of inches off the topsoil using clean sharp scissors because dull blades can damage the leaves. Harvested wheatgrass should be rinsed to prevent dirt from going in your juice. Chop the washed leaves into smaller pieces because that way it will be easier for you to juice them.

The final part of learning how to juice wheatgrass is to put the prepared wheatgrass leaves into the mortar and make a fine paste using the pestle. Then, use a piece of muslin cloth as a filter to strain the paste. The aforementioned process should be repeated until you’re left with a color of bright green.

The juice is now ready to be consumed. Please note that it goes bad in a couple of hours so it would be best to drink it fresh, right after you juice it.

Wheatgrass is ideally consumed in the morning, before you eat. This way your energy levels will soar and you will be able to cope with the daily problems more easily. If you dislike the taste you can always add something to it to make it more appealing to your taste buds. I personally like it with a little honey, cinnamon and lime juice. This combo is not only delicious, but represents a nutrient bomb ready to tackle almost any health issue.

You now have the knowledge of how to juice wheatgrass using cheap and available tools and your juice will probably pack more punch than wheatgrass juice gained by other methods.