Why Do People Organize?

Have you ever wondered why people organize their things? You know, some people are very messy and yet they know where everything is in their office, or in their home. Where do they put stuff? Where ever they used it last or in the closest place that they are liable to reach for it next time they need an item. Now, it may sound crazy to you, but it works quite good for them. These people believe they are organized even though their place looks like a bomb went off.

In business we have to organize because there are many different people in the office and everyone has to use the various things. If everyone left everything were they would most likely reach for it will be in a different place than the next person might put it and thus no one can find anything. As more and more people are involved or families get larger and larger it is paramount to have an organized situation.

Some say that being organized is an inmate human trait, but some scientists disagree, rather they believe that mankind’s socialization caused this phenomena as they lived in larger. Larger groups saw benefits and efficiencies as groups that lived together in an organized fashion excelled over the other groups that did not. You can see in large cities that it is very important to have everything organized and to have laws and rules so that everyone works and goes about their daily lives and orderly way.